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Amsterdam Citygame: exploring the highlights of the Dutch capital

CityGame Amsterdam in English


Amsterdam highlights

This citygame combines visiting both well and lesser known highlights of Amsterdam with citygaming. The hotspots included in this game function as an eye-opener. Details you would not have noticed otherwise are brought to your attention by quiz questions.

Citygame Amsterdam, how it works

The teams are all equiped with a phablet of 360 which has the citygame app installed. Every team is assigned to another starting-location after which they are free to create their own route along hotspots on the map (in the app). This requires a bit of strategic thinking as time is a bit of a constraint: the citygame doesn’t last long enought to visit all of them. Each time the team vsits a hotspot an alarm on the phablet goes off and the participants are presented with a quia-question or team task. These tasks strongly vary: some of them are photo-missions, others are cryptic puzzles or include music fragments.

Score & strategy

Teams can earn points at each hotspot which they can easily find and navigate to using the app. Part of the strategy can be to visit locations which are a bit further away from eachother where they can earn a lot of points, or stay in the citycentre where the easy questions are located.

Asking for Hints during the citygame

The more difficult questions have an option to request a hint. This makes answering the quiz question a bit easier. But it is only allowed to ask for a hint 3 times during the whole of thecitygame Amsterdam.

Starting and endpoint of the citygame Amsterdam

The standard starting point is at just 2 minutes from the Amsterdam Central Railwaystation. But starting anywhere in of close to the citycentre is possible. This means that in many cases you can start citygaming at your hotel or end the activity at a restaurant of your choice. Just contact us to discuss the possibilities.


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Number of participants

The Ultimate CityGame Amsterdam can be played with groups from 15 up to 150 persons.
Teamsizes vary from 5-8 participants per team.

Pricing of Citygame Amsterdam

Our prices are flexible and depend on the groupsize:

  • Group size 15 to 20 persons: € 28,50 p.p.
  • Group size 20 to 30 persons: € 26,00 p.p.
  • Groups of over 30 persons: € 24,75 p.p.

All prices are exclusive 21% VAT.
Is your group smaller than the minimum? This gps-game can always take place if you are willing to pay for the minimal number of participants.

Included in the CityGame Amsterdam
  • Use of 360’s phablet size smartphones with a more than decent camera
  • Use of the interactive GPS-CityGame app
  • Surprising foto missions and teamwork!
  • Real-time beoordeling van ingezonden foto’s en video’s door 360 medewerker
  • All routes, scores and photos from the teams on a dedicated event-site
  • Customisation: you can have your own questions and photo-missions included in this Citygame. We include your special wishes for €100 per 5 questions/missions.
  • Catering.

The CityGame, for whom?

This interactive CityGame in Amsterdam is suited for groups that want to discover the Dutch Capital in a playfull way.
Start GPS citygame Amsterdam

Begin & end location

The standard starting point is just a minute away from Amsterdam Central station.

Different start or finish location?

You can start the CityGame at every location within the Amsterdam Canals.

Citygame in Dutch?

Of course we also offer this game in Dutch: Citygame Amsterdam.