English Tours & City Games in Amsterdam with 360°

At 360 Game Events we offer 2 CityGames in English. One of them is suited for groups that want to do a citygame and at the same time see some of the most beautifull places Amsterdam has to offer. The other one is our (in)famous timebomb game which is a real teambuilder as it requires input from all teammembers.

Discovering Amsterdam in a playfull way

The Ultimate citygame is suited for international companies and groups visiting Amsterdam that want to discover the city in a playfull way. Quizquestions function as an eye-opener and as the teams have to be creative and a bit daring at some of the photo- and videotasks teamwork and creativity are required as well. Come play the city!

Teambuilding by dismantling a timebomb

Our timebomb citygame is so famous we not only introduced it outside of Amsterdam, some companies in countries such as Latvia, Lithuania, Norway and Sweden have bought our concept and are offering it to their clients as well. We dare you to play this citygame with us in Amsterdam…

The Ultimate English Amsterdam Citygame

The ultimate Amsterdam citygame in English. Dicover the most beautifull hotspots, unknown playes, be suprised by our foto-missions and team-tasks and beat the other teams by scoring more points by making better photo's and answering the quiz questions.